Pixel Playing Cards

Pixel Playing Cards is the second Kickstarter project by G&G which is created by cardist, Lunzi. The entire design is based on the FAMICOM gaming concole release by Nintendo in the 1980s. If you are confused with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), it is actually the western version of the FAMICOM for the US market.

Speaking on the topic of video gaming in the 80s, some of you may remember the flat 2D graphics that appear on the TV. This is where this project gets its name. Graphics on the FAMICOM were 8 bit and it was pixelated. Hence, pixel playing cards was born.

Shifting the attention back to the project, there isn’t much special design on the Royal Court portraits. The main selling point in the project is the pixelated royal court pictures. This project originally offers three editions, red, blue and “white”.

Red, white and blue editions

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