Beetle Fan Playing Cards

This playing card project is focus on two elements, beetle and steampunk. Beetle fan playing cards is the first playing card project by Melia. According to the project page, beetle has always been fascinating for her and she had been a fan since her juvenile years.

Fun fact about beetles; there are 350,000 named species of beetles. Beetles belongs to the order ‘Coleoptera’. You may never have a chance to see all 350,000 species unless you really make a conscious effort to do so. Even if you were to see a different beetle species on a daily basis, around 958 years are required to cover all the named species!

Back to the design of the card face, it was mentioned before that the designs are also inspired by steampunk. Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. It provides an alternate world of “what if” advance technology is powered by steam instead of electricity?

I provided a video clip from youtube below to shed some light of how steampunk culture is celebrated.

It was mentioned before that there are around 350,000 species of named beetles and that caught the fascination of the project creator. This video on youtube will perhaps explain why beetles are so fascinating.

Card design

The main feature of this project is about beetles and you can understand why steampunk elements play such an important role in the design.


Besides the standard edition which is just a deck of the cards, there is a special edition which offers a deck sleeve and has two extra jokers.


The intention of this project is to introduce beetles but this is somewhat lacking. The biggest reason why this beetles concept does not seem to kick off well is the incorporation of Steampunk elements into the design. This feel more like a steampunk beetle project. Something about the designs doesn’t feel very polished.

There is no mention of who is the printer but the creator assures that the card will be of high quality. Diamond air cushion cutting method is used for edge cutting and the paper are made of high quality paper in Germany.


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