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Jody Eklund’s projects have always been a joy to behold due to the detailed artwork and his projects tend to offer interesting add-ons. Luminosity playing cards happens to be one of his projects that is based on mythology which is a different direction from his previous projects. His previous projects are based on historical figures and not usually on myths and legends.

Luminosity can be considered his first ever fiction related project in Kickstarter. Seemingly, the art style used in Luminosity is a departure from his usual detailed pencil sketching in past projects.

Norse mythology is the basis of inspiration for Luminosity and Jody Eklund has once again worked with his frequent collaborator, Ricky Cassford, for the back story of this deck. I am quoting the story from the project page:

The Lucent Lands were once a utopia of peace and power.  Safe behind guarded borders, every creature that came out of the Cave of Creation lived in a haven of prosperity and wealth, provided by the eldest among them, Ahendhal.  The kingdom of The Lucent Lands could not be overcome from beyond its borders, but that was before The Fracture that came from within. The Fracture split more than the kingdom, it divided families.  As brother fought brother, reinforced by the armies of their respective houses, Ahendhal enslaved them both and banished the treacherous brother along with his faction into the lower part of the land which to this day is called the Shadowlands.

The Faction War raged on for nearly a century with no end in sight.  Then a new creature came from the Cave of Creation which changed the course of the Faction War. This creature was prized by Ahendhal as the pinnacle of creation, and was prophesied to rule over the factions which enraged Kapshunis, the King of the Shadowlands, and inspired him to change his tactics to those of vindictiveness and malice toward Ahendhal’s prize.

Luminosity Playing Cards, Kickstarter project page

There are two editions in Luminosity, standard and Kickstarter editions. There probably isn’t much difference in terms of card face designs but the difference will be on the colour scheme of the decks. As with past projects, there will be collector dealer coins and a luxury case for avid collectors. United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) will be printing this deck.

Difference between editions

  • Unique Tuck Case designs for both editions
  • BACKS – STD: Blue Metallic Ink  | KS EXCL:  Copper Metallic Ink
  • FACE CARDS – Standard: Silver Metallic Ink as accents  | Kickstarter exclusive:  Copper Metallic Ink for backgrounds, Pips and Indices.

Spade Courts

Heart Court

Clubs Court

The artwork on the portrait of the royal courts looked like video game concept art which is a compliment in itself. However, the art style just deviate so much from Eklund’s previous projects that Luminosity seems like a project created by other creators.

Moving on to other aspects of the card design, some elements need to be highlighted. Firstly, names of the characters appear on the side of the card just below the pip. This is useful for collectors to be introduced to the characters since it’s a complete original fiction.

Next, there appears to be a unique sigil for each pip just below the characters’ name. Lastly, the background for all royal court portraits are different as well. The design of the background follows the shape of the pip which gives a more emphasis of which court you are holding.

Two way portrait design

There is one last feature which I have to highlight because not many projects does this. I call this the two way portrait design. The top half and bottom half of the are different designs. you can take a look at the King of Spades below.

There is about all the small design aspects I managed to spot on the card face. Hopefully, this will help you appreciate the efforts went into designing this project.

Luxury Edition

Expectedly, the luxury edition of this project has been unlocked. The card face design will remain the same with the difference in the colour scheme. The tuck box will be black in colour with copper metalic ink along with the card back as well.

Luxury Case

As a special add-on, there will be a luxury case for pledge. This is a special case box which is able to house 2 decks of cards. With the unlocking of the luxury edition of Luminosity, perhaps there should be a 3 decks case for pledging as well for backers who pledge for the 3 editions.


Although this project is created by Jody Eklund, the art style deviates from his previous works. This may put off some of his supporters but this can also be seen as a an attempt into something different. Even though Luminosity offers three editions, all editions contain the same artwork with the different being in colour shades. It will be good if there are more characters in this project. This will make the fictional world richer and more diverse.

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