Meow Star Playing Cards: Vending Machine

Meow Star Playing Cards: Vending Machine is the follow up to Bocopo‘s successful launch of their first cat themed playing cards, Meow Star, on Kickstarter in 2018. The theme is very simple and furry; it is about cats and all the mischievous antics they will do.

This project is mainly targeted towards cat lovers for obvious reasons. The artwork is the same as the first project and will most probably make you go “Awwww” unless you hate cats. Yes, there are people who dislike cats or even have a phobia of cats and it is called Ailurophobia.

Special Feature

The project this time round has a few extra features. The deck has two different sleeves and the sleeves have a special function which will steal your hearts. The specialty doesn’t end there because there are TWO different sleeve designs but the features are the same.

Two tuck sleeve designs. Knitted sweater (left) and Vending Machine (right)

Do not mistake the sleeve for the tuck box design like I did. I initially thought those two were tuck box designs but I realised it wasn’t on my second reading of the project page. Hence, don’t make the same mistake I did.

The special feature of the sleeve is the pop up cat that appears when you pull up the tab. This applies to both sleeve designs.

Shut up and take my money already!

Besides the sleeve box, the pip designs on the cards are worth mentioning too. The pip designs on the numbered cards contain small details about the mischievous behaviours of the cats. Cats nibbled away part of the Spade pip, an ice cream cone dropped on a Club pip.

Meow Star court cards

Moving to the Royal Court designs, the cats are wrapped up as food. They could be wrapped up like a sushi roll or in a middle of a cake or encased inside a jello.

Joker and Card Back

The previous project used a concept of joining two joker cards to reveal a larger picture and this concept is used in this project as well.

Before moving on, I will like to show the card back design.

Tuck Box

I mentioned earlier that the unique selling idea was the sleeves. That will actually mean the tuck box design is something else entirely. Remember that the project name is Meow Star Vending Machine, the tuck box shows the cats being inside a vending machine.

Meow Star Vending Machine Tuck Box

Extra features

Besides the sleeves, there are also different extra features to make these decks more collector worthy.

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