Monolith Playing Cards

By now, no introduction is needed for Thirdway Industries. The magnificent playing cards creator on Kickstarter which has started numerous successful playing card projects. Monolith Playing Cards is a very limited offering project with some unique features into it and you will find out what those are as you read along.

For those readers who are well aware of Thirdway Industries‘ prior projects tend to be inspired by pantheon of Gods and Goddess, often delving into myths and legends. Therefore, it is easy to figure out that Monolith also has these design elements. The only difference is that the gods transcend our Earthly realm and come from space.

There are two editions to Monolith; Black and White. Interestingly, each edition will be printed by a different printer. The Black edition will be printed by Cartamundi while the White edition will be printed by United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC).

Monolith Editions

Black Edition

As previously mentioned, the Black edition will be printed by Cartamundi. Besides that, it will feature Holographic cold foil on the cards. Below are some features:

  • Holographic cold foil on card backs
  • [stretch goal] Holographic cold foil on card faces
  • Premium tuckbox with matte paper, holographic foil and UV printing
  • Neon Inks, fluorescent under UV light
  • Premium paper for cards
  • Printed by Cartamundi 

White Edition

The other edition, White, will be printed by the all familiar USPCC and combines Pure Silver Metallic ink with neon. Below are some features of this edition:

  • This deck uses 100% Pure Silver Ink – shiniest metallic ink available (read below)
  • Metallic inks + Neon inks on cards – front and back!
  • Tuckbox with a lot of metallic ink and neon
  • Premium paper for cards
  • Printed by USPCC

Royal Court Cards

I need to point out that the designs of the royal court portraits for each edition have a slight difference. Similarly, this concept had been applied for other playing card project. Although, not all court cards are released on the project page, I can still share what is available.

Add ons

There are the usual add-on offerings from Thirdway Industries such as uncut sheets and coins. There is also a carat case to store your decks.

Andromeda Case


I find that the design of the royal court faces seems to have taken on a different path compared to past designs used in SINS Playing Cards, Odissea Playing Cards or even Lunatica Playing Cards.

Upon a closer look, the royal court portraits in Monolith playing cards looked less intricate. Most of the design style consist of straight lines accompanied by abstract design ideas. This seems to be a logical choice since Thirdway Industries had released many successful projects on Kickstarter and it has to offer something new and different to keep people interested. Otherwise, every single project will feel more or less the same.

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