Invasion Playing Cards is a project by a new Kickstarter creator, Rattle Shuttle. The project is about four alien races: Peekians, Boobians, Threphians, and Zervians which have started their conquest to conquer & enslave new planets, rich with natural resources. This led them to the Solar System of the Milky Way Galaxy, where they started an invasion on Earth.

In this epic battle, aliens not only have to conquer a new planet but they also have to fight each other or even collaborate with others Extra-Terrestrial forms to ensure their power over the Earth.

Four alien races will be represented by a pip symbol and this project may have two editions. One of the editions will be the standard edition in blue colour and the other edition is called The Blood which is red colour. There isn’t plenty of narrative around the deck design and how it came to have two editions. However, in the explanation on The Blood edition, it can be derived that the aliens’ invasion were fended off by humans and they returned to invade Earth for a second time.

Regarding the the choice of colour, the colour scheme matches the narrative theme. Blue is a calmer and mild colour which may explain their attitude on their first invasion of Earth. After tasting defeat, they learnt their lesson and returned to Earth with better preparation and some of the aliens were survivors of the first invasion. Hence, they returned with aggression and rage which is usually associated with Red colour. It maybe coincidental but that is how I think the entire narrative will work with the colour scheme.

Before going into the cards design, let’s take a second look at the alien race names; Peekians and Boobians. I am not saying that I can come up with better names but those two names are unsuitable. Sci-fi fans will know that an invading alien race will not call themselves such soft names.

While on the topic of alien names, there is a certain method that most people use to derive alien names. As mentioned on TV Tropes, warrior alien races tend to sound and look harsh to give people an impression that they mean business.

Having said that, we can now look at the cards on the next page.

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