HorROAR Playing Cards

The next project is a return of an earlier HorROAR Playing Cards project by ACE Collectable Cards. The early edition has card design printed on black card while this edition on Kickstarter is printed on white card stock which is why this project name is actually HorROAR Playing Cards clear edition.

There are 4 monster classes in HorROAR playing cards and they are as follows:

  • Diamonds: Vampires
  • Hearts: Werewolves
  • Clubs: Ghosts
  • Spades: Witches

There are some elements that are worth a mention. For a start, the royal court cards. The top and bottom portraits are different. Much like the recent Llod’s Travelling Carnival Playing Cards. Each character has a normal side and a dark side.

Another design element which is worthy of note is the slight modifications of the pip designs. The pip contains some aspect of the monster type it represents. These aspects will be shown as the article progresses.

Let’s begin with the suits of Diamond, the Vampires. Notice how the pip design resembles that of a bat and since bats is closely associated with vampires, it makes an obvious choice. The portraits show the human side and the vampire form is on the other side. However, the vampire form for Queen of Diamonds isn’t obvious. The Ace design is a coffin with an image of a vampire on it.

Moving to the Hearts suit are the werewolves. The pips has an outline of a wolf in it to signify the werewolf. The suicide king element is kept for the King of Hearts where you can see the king pointing a pistol to his head in similar fashion to how a traditional King of Hearts stab his head with a knife. The Ace is the hand of a werewolf gripping a heart.

Gradually, we proceed to Clubs court which represents the Ghosts. The inside of the pip has an image of a howling ghoul. The Ace is a skull shrouded by a black mist.

Last, the Spades suit which belongs to the witches. Usually, we associate witches with women and seldom with men. So it is a mystery how the king will be portrayed.  It then struck me that the king is a warlock. if you’re familiar with fantasy novels or games, you will not know what it is. The Ace is a picture of an old witch riding a broom.

In terms of design, there is no difference form the first edition where the card was black in colour. This project just use the same design and print it on white cards. The white colour background takes away some of the edginess of the theme which is about frightening fictional characters. The white background just do not give the same effect. To further prove my point, here is the card back design on white background.

Despite that, this could still be a good additional to your first edition of HorROAR. United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC) will be printing this deck unlike the first project which was printed by Noir Arts Playing Cards Company (NPCC). 


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  2. ACE Collectable Cards
  3. HorROAR Playing Cards clear edition
  4. Llod’s Travelling Carnival Playing Cards
  5. Warlock
  6. United States Playing Cards Company
  7. Noir Arts Playing Cards Company

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