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I know this isn’t exactly new news but I’m going to cover Lunatica Playing Cards, the new project from Thirdway Industries. This isn’t like the recent SINS or EVA decks where they are based on mythological characters or deities. From the name of the project itself, it is pretty obvious that the moon plays a part in it.

This project in my opinion is designed to make collectors poor because there are 4 editions! 2 standard editions and 2 limited editions, this is a departure from the usual project cycle of Thirdway Industries decks. It is usually 3 editions in one project, 2 standard and 1 limited edition. That is why I commented that Lunatica is designed to make collectors poor. No, I’m just kidding, it is just one extra limited edition deck.

It is interesting to note that the design style for Lunatica differs from SINS or EVA. It is a throwback to Thirdway Industries’ earlier project, Delirium. The art style is somewhat similarly cute, roundish drawing. It differs from Delirium in the sense that it feels more polished and mature like SINS. I would say Lunatica is somewhere in between.

Equinox and Solistice are the standard deck offerings each with a different set of face cards. As described in the project page, Equinox symbolises The beginning, balance and life. Equinox is the symbol of the crescent Moon. It uses bright colours since it symbolises life and beginning.

Spades are the symbol of negativity and the face cards are as follows:

Jack – Selfish Magician

Queen – Queen of Lies

King – King of Indifference

Hearts are the symbol of positive passion.

Jack – Knight of Valor

Queen – Queen of Love

King – King of the Sacrifice

Clubs are the symbol of static positivity.

Jack – Good Guardian

Queen – Chaste Angel

King – Benevolent King

Diamonds are the symbol of negative passion.

Jack – Furious Soldier

Queen – Queen of Malice

King – Hateful Tyrant

The Equinox jokers are the Lone Angel and Lady of Charm

Next we move onto the Solstice deck which represents The end, disproportion and death. Solstice is the symbol of the waning Moon. Carrying a darker theme, the colour choice are less cheery with purple, orange and yellow.

Spades are symbol of cold, clever evil.

Jack – Dark Knight

Queen – Queen of Solitude

King – King of Evil

Hearts are the symbol of passion.

Jack – Thief of Hearts

Queen – Queen of Seduction

King – King of pleasure

Clubs are the symbol of righteous good.

Jack – Paladin

Queen – Peaceful Lady

King – Righteous Ruler

Diamonds are the symbol of evil fury.

Jack – Shocked Guard

Queen – Envious Countess

King – Hate Preacher

The Solstice jokers are the Archbishop and Charming Witch

So that was the standard decks of Equinox and Solstice. Let’s move on to the limited editions, Chimera and Phoenix.

Basically, Chimera is the limited edition of Equinox while Phoenix is the limited edition of Solstice. In terms of design, there isn’t any deviation from the standard editions but this might change depending on the stretch goals. The limited editions will have a different box design with embossing and holographic foil.

Chimera is a mythologic, monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature, composed of the parts of more than one animal. The term “Chimera” is used, both in italian and english, to describe anything is percieved as imaginative, implausible, or dazzling.

Lunatica’s Chimera has the soul of a monster, but it’s the symbol of the Crescent Moon…young, crazy, full of life and hope.

Chimera is also the symbol of the impossible dreams: the ones we love to hunt, but that are hard to reach.

Phoenix is a mythologic bird that cyclically dies and is reborn. After a Phoenix die in a show of flames and combustion, a new Phoenix arise from the ashes of its predecessor.

Usually Phoenix is associated with the Sun, but in Lunatica, it is a dying version of the Goddess of the Night – the Waning Moon.

The Phoenix is also the symbol of the human capability to recover after a trauma.

Phoenix is dying – and she’s sad. But she’s also filled with hope, since she knows that she’ll be reborn as a Chimera after a few days.

Last but not the least. This time round, it will be United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC) that will be printing the cards. This is different from previous project which were printed by Expert Playing Cards Company (EPCC).


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