Iron Horse Playing Cards

Recently, we finished watching Westworld, the recent HBO series around the same time that Jody Eklund launched Iron Horse Playing Cards. Needless to say, our interest in the Wild West narratives are at an all time high. Iron Horse Playing Cards couldn’t be launched at a better time than now.

This series is a narrative about robbers attempting to rob a steam locomotive which is referred to as an Iron Horse. Steam locomotive were just starting to gain widespread usage in America and before the advert of this invention, horses were used as the main mode of transportation. Seeing how steam locomotive is more powerful and made of metal, people start using the term Iron Horse. We’d have to say it is a badass name.

If you have not heard of Jody Eklund, we will advise you to take some time to look at his past projects. Done that? Good, you can better appreciate Iron Horse Playing Cards now. A pity there are not many screenshots of the playing cards itself so we can only show you that much.

We love the sketching style by Jody. His shading brings out the depth of the drawings. This is where Jody’s playing card projects always fascinate us, his sketching and shading techniques bring life to the characters. Take some time to appreciate the Ace of Spade and the pair of joker cards below. The joker is another design where a full picture will be formed when you put the two joker cards side by side.

We would die to see Jody take on more fantasy theme related projects because we are fans of fantasy. HARDCORE fans!

One thing to point out about this project is that there will essentially be only ONE deck edition and that is the Black Ink edition.

Here are some design specs for the cards:

  • Printed by the Legends Playing Card Co.
  • 54 completely custom playing cards. Each court, Ace and Joker cards will have original illustrations
  • The Cards will be printed on the Classic Finish (which is the highest quality card stock that Legends Playing Card Co. has to offer)

A slight variation will be the Signature edition where the big difference will be the card back. The left picture below is the Black Ink card back which is gray in colour while the Signature has black colour (right bottom).

That does not mean your buying choices is limited. The project offers different packaging. The project offers the standard deck, Black Ink, which is unlimited print. The interesting part about the design of the tuck box is that if you put both together side by side, you will get the full image of the iron horse.

The Deluxe package which offers a deck of Signature edition and a soft touch slip case. The slip case is embossed and guess what? There are only 500 of such cases printed. According to the project release page, metallic ink is used for the printing of Signature deck.

Signature package will be the last and most expensive one. We think this is the most complete package that collectors should go for. It includes two decks of Black Ink and one signature deck. Take note that this does not include the soft touch slip case that Deluxe package offers. There is a different package box which can contain the 3 decks offered in this reward. There will only be 1500 quantity available.

The dealer coin has been unlocked and is also available as an add-on.

Jody has also kindly provided the backstory of all the characters appearing on the royal court card portraits. We will include those below in thumbnail format and you have to click on them to view them in larger resolution.


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