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Straight off the successful SINS project, Eva playing cards is his new “special edition” playing cards project. Unlike SINS, there will be only one deck, Eva, and it is a limited one time print. If you miss it, you have to find ways to get it.

Giovanni Meroni of Thirdway Industries is simply too productive. It feels like he is releasing new projects every 4-6 months and every time it gets funded within hours and that is just bizarre. It also goes to show how popular his works are and how he keeps getting better with his cards. He doesn’t just come up with new illustrations and put them on a card, he weaves myths into his cards, giving them a strong sense of identity and life. I’m sure his supporters agree with our statement.

We can use one word to describe the Eva series, feminist. It is a peculiar choice of word. Looking at his illustrations of women in his cards, one can make an easy statement that he is using sex to appeal to the majority of card collectors which are mostly male. Feminist might not be a suitable word to describe Eva. Read on and you might share our views at the end of this article.

Usually, a unique character will be represented on a royal court portrait but things are not the same with Eva. There are only four characters and one suit is dedicated to one character. They are as follows (pictures direct you to wikipedia page of the respective character):

They have one similar theme, they were associated with being the first woman to exist with the exception of Pyrrha. She is Pandora‘s daughter but she is considered the first women after a great flood (deluge) has wiped out humanity, Pyrrha began repopulating the world with her husband, Deucalion. You might find this story oddly similar to the great flood in the Bible with Noah as the chosen one because this flood myth is common among other religions and cultures as well. Don’t get all upset knowing that it’s not exclusive or unique to your beliefs, it is what it is.

Moving on with the playing cards, we mentioned earlier that one character is represented by a suit. We shall talk more about it now. Eva chose to focus more on the female characters that were featured in Thirdway Industries past projects. He decided to showcase their growth/evolution using Jack as their initial form, progressing to a more mature stage in Queen and in their final stage in King. Lastly, their legacy is immortalised in Ace. This is a pretty interesting concept that we applaud.

We will not delve too much into each character because that is not the main intention of this article. We have provided the wikipage for the four characters in the pictures above so that will take care of your thirst for knowledge.

We will talk more about the cards. The project will be manufactured by United States Playing Cards Company (USPCC). This is a surprise to us since Expert Playing Cards Company (EPCC) is the usual partner of Thirdway Industries for their previous projects. Each card back is what we guess to be a picture of Eve since she is the only character with a heart tattoo on her chest and heart is her court. If you have not noticed, there are two hearts on either side of her.

Below are pictures of the royal court portraits designs. You might find some cards missing because we only grab what is available on the project page and any pictures available on the project updates. We hope there will be more releases in the near future and we’ll update this article.

We would like to point out a little fact which we missed out when we first looked at the project. You will notice the diagonal black strips on some of the cards. They are there for modesty purposes since anybody can access Kickstarter projects which includes children. The actual product will not have the black strips which means this deck is NSFW and NSFC (if there’s such a term). You have a lot of explaining to do if your children gets their hands on these cards.

Lastly, we observed a design concept which adds a certain mystery to the cards. You might have noticed the vertical hieroglyph that appears below the pip on the corners. They are printed on all cards and not just on the royal court cards. It describes the theme of the character that is represented by the pip. Take a look at them and see whether you can derive some sort of narrative or meaning behind them. We will reveal the meaning right below the illustration so don’t scroll too fast if you don’t want spoilers!

  • The Spades represent the Pandora’s Box. Evils are escaping from the opened box.
  • The Hearts represent the Apple and the Snake. Winding snake coming down from a tree carrying an apple.
  • The Clubs represent the deluge sent from Olympus to Earth. The lighting is there because the deluge was sent by Zeus.
  • The Diamonds represent the fight between the first man and Lilith.

We will end off mentioning the add-ons. As with previous project like SINS, Eva will also offer special coin, and a carat card case similar to SINS. Take a look below.

This project still has 2 days left for you to pledge for it. If you have pledged for it, maybe you can consider the beautiful add-ons.


Thirdway Industries

Eva Playing Cards (Kickstarter project page)

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