Wicked Kingdom Playing Cards

Here at Red Hands Playing Cards, we always keep our eyes out for unique playing cards and this caught our eye. This is the Wicked Kingdom playing  cards drawn by Wylie Beckert. The fact that the artist drew two faces of the Jack, Queen King of each suite is worthy of praise. The drawing of the top and the bottom shows a different emotion or state. Look through the pictures above and you will know what I am referring to. Wylie put in effort to draw very unique pictures and painstakingly provided a backstory for each character and you can read them on her website.

Each suit is a kingdom and each kingdom focuses on a theme or characteristic. Let’s start with the kingdom of Spades which is a kingdom of vegetation and nature. Once prosperous and plentiful, its citizen has turned to thievery, hermitical reclusion, and folkmagic to survive the darker and hungrier era that has befallen them.

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Moving on to Hearts Kingdom where it is corrupted by hedonism and vice. The ruling queen and her son do not bother about ruling and bankrupts the kingdom through lavish living and eccentric indulgences.

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Next is the kingdom of Clubs. The kingdom’s unforgiving class system honors valor over birthright; its armories are without equal; and the royal bestiaries are a rare jewel containing living specimens of every creature in the four kingdoms.

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Lastly, the kingdom of Diamonds where science and religion exist in harmony.

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The design of the Aces are pretty Gothic with skulls in it. Details have been added into the overall design to show you the characteristic of each kingdom.

Of course, do not forget the jokers. These are the only characters who do not have a duality theme in them.

I think this deck will not only appeal to avid card collectors but for designers who appreciate good drawings and illustrations. I have added a youtube video from VJose32 Playing Card Archive to show you the cards in action and how it looks on hand.


Wylie Beckert

Wicked Kingdom

VJose32 Playing Card Archive

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